D Day

Pre-op PictureWell today is finally the day of the surgery. I’d be lying if I said nerves didn’t kick in at this point. I just signed my life away. The only time I have ever signed more papers was when I bought my house. Surprisingly skydiving has way less paperwork… go figure! After I signed all of the paperwork I was taken back to the prep room. There my vitals were taken, I changed into my amazing gown and hair net, my leg was shaved, I was given an iv and the best part… the nerve block. The nerve block is an absolute must! The nerve block will completely numb your extremity. I had this done with my shoulder and was incredibly thankful to have this done for my knee. I will say that it is the strangest feeling ever after the surgery b/c your leg seriously feels like it’s not there. Try as hard as you can, but you simply cannot move your toes! After the nerve block was administered, I said my goodbyes to my amazing girlfriend who was taking care of me. The next thing I remember is waking up in a wheelchair — where I asked when we were going to start. Nice how that works huh?

Asleep with the Game ReadyGetting home and onto the recliner was a breeze. Again, thanks to the nerve block. I instantly hooked up to my new best friend, the Game Ready (ice/compression machine), and started watching TV. It is imperative to elevate your heel, and not prop the leg up from under the knee. You will fee a bit of a stretch, but it will pay off. I didn’t really have any of the post anesthesia nausea, so I consider myself pretty lucky. Now I’m off to bed!

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