Day after surgery (S+1)

Can I reiterate how amazing the nerve block is? I slept through the night, without waking up once in pain. Oh yeah, I did take a percocet to help. You should set an alarm in the middle of the night to wake up and take your next dose of pain medicine. Trust me, you do NOT want to get behind on the pain. If you stay in front of it your life will be so much easier.

My Knee!Now it’s off to the Dr.’s office for a little post op checkup. The surgeon went over my surgery pictures, showed me the “not just torn, shredded” ACL, and had me take an x-ray. It’s pretty strange looking at an x-ray of your leg with screws in it. Overall the surgery went really well, and I’m ready for physical therapy day one. Can you believe they start you day 1? Oh yeah, I forgot they changed the bandaging on my wounds and cleaned up the incisions — there are really only 3 main incisions. It’s hard to believe they can do that much work through 3 little holes.

Physical therapy on day 1 is pretty relaxed, and since the nerve block wasn’t completely worn off there really wasn’t much pain. Now I’m headed back to the recliner for some dinner and TV before bed.

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