If you have ever tried to get a quote for surgery you know that the medical industry needs some oversight or change. I had a SLAP repair of my right shoulder a few years ago, and I’m still receiving bills from companies I have never heard of. This time, I was determined to know everything up front… easier said than done. The surgery center where my surgery was to take place gave me a call with “all of the fees” I was to incur. According to them there are 3 people who will be requesting money.

  1. The surgeon
  2. The facility
  3. The anesthesiologist

Lucky for me, I knew this wasn’t the case. In reality there are quite a few more people who will come knocking on your door. Here’s the full list I was able to compile.

  1. The MRI
  2. The surgeon
  3. The facility
  4. The anesthesiologist
  5. The company who provides the graft
  6. The ice/compression machine (I opted for the Game Ready)
  7. The CPM machine (continuous passive motion)
  8. Prescriptions (trust me, you’re going to need some pain meds)

Hopefully that will give you a better idea of who you need to talk to in order to come up with pricing.

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