MRI showing torn ACL

Why an ACL Reconstruction Blog?

As soon as I found out that I might need knee surgery I instantly started researching the procedure online. I was hoping for a dummy’s guide to ACL Reconstruction… unfortunately it just didn’t exist! Therefore I decided to put together this blog to not only track my progress but also to potentially help someone who ends up in a similar position as me.

I injured my knee about 2 weeks ago while playing flag football. I was running right to avoid a rush and tried to throw back across my body. My right leg planted while the rest of my body pivoted. My knee buckled/dislocated and popped, and I instantly knew I had really hurt something. The pain was severe and instantaneous but really only lasted a few minutes. Then I was able to get up and walk around with minimal pain which really surprised me. It swelled later that evening which lasted a few days. When it finally came time to see the orthopedic surgeon I was wondering if I was just overreacting b/c the pain had subsided and there was just a small amount of lingering swelling. Of course since I’m writing the blog, the MRI did show a torn ACL. Once it was determined that surgery was necessary, I began the daunting task of trying to come up with the cost of surgery.

Hint: When your MRI comes back like this, you need a new ACL.
MRI showing torn ACL

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